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The Buller DesignScapes crew renovated this backyard with a patio and full-featured outdoor room.

A firepit and waterfall fountain furnish the patio with light, warmth, and entertainment.

The waterfall fountain at the patio’s edge is equipped with lights.

A Breeo smokeless fire pit on the patio has a cover for when it’s not in use.

The kitchen is situated next to the patio.

The bar and work area countertops of the kitchen are marble.

The kitchen has all stainless steel appliances. The centerpiece is a Memphis Wood Fire grill.

Evening and nighttime light is provided by a programmable, outdoor, low-voltage light system.

Optional heat comes from four heating units under the pergola’s roof.

Retractable shade cloths and the heaters make the kitchen usable for the entireties of almost every season.

Speakers to a new sound system were installed, out of sight around the patio, among new plants.

A flagpole was installed in the beds. The outdoor room will become more defined as the plants grow into maturity.

Outdoor Room

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